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Located in La Minière, La Chalosse is one of the oldest businesses of Guyancourt.

From early 19th century, there has been a "funny" enigma on the facade which is now part of the local heritage, a "curiosity" that intrigues!

Formerly a café-hotel, a grocery store and a petrol station, it was transformed into an inn in 1965 and Lionel Pelletier bought the property in 2002.

In 15 years, he has transformed the small inn into a very comfortable restaurant now renowned for up to 80 people in two dining rooms, not to mention the very pleasant 60 seat terrace.

A configuration and capacity that allow, amongst others, the organization of New Year's Eve with a DJ as well as the reception of a business clientele. The La Chalosse restaurant is ideally geographically located and has a nearby car park, ideal for hosting companies from the region who are numerous in appreciaiting the professionalism of the team and the conviviality of the setting. Dynamic and passionate, the whole team does not lack ideas constantly to improve the restaurant.